Charlotte – May 28, 2000

Charlotte, NC – The back half of Gordon’s Gauntlet, Charlotte’s Coca-Cola 600 followed the Indy 500 on Gordon’s Sunday racing schedule. Rain delayed the start of the Indy 500 setting plan b in action for Team Gordon which was to have PJ Jones begin the race in the team’s Burger King/TurtleWax Ford. Jones held the line and did a great job of improving the car’s handling. By the time Gordon showed up rains arrived to delay the driver switch for over an hour. Gordon finally began turning laps at Charlotte well into the night finishing up the race after midnight and crossing the stripe 35th.

Starting position – 42nd (provisional)

Finishing position – 35th (running)

Laps – 389/400


Photos ©F.Peirce Williams 2000

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