Charlotte – October 8, 2000

Charlotte, NC – The second Charlotte race saw Robby Gordon make the transformation from race car driver to Wolf Man. Gordon’s neon-orange Ford Taurus featured the classic Universal Monster on its hood as part of the Monsters of the Speedway promotion. Gordon qualified 25th, locking himself in on the first day for the sixth time in 16 events. In the race Gordon struggled with handling early, but later started to make progress moving into the top-20. On lap 184 he went wide attempting to pass in turn one and got into the marbles. The car shot straight towards the wall as Gordon tried to save it, but without traction he hit and was forced out.

Starting position – 25th

Finishing position – 38th (contact)

Laps – 184/334

Photos ©F.Peirce Williams 2000

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