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2006 Baja 1000 Updates

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BAJA1000UPDATES (live coverage on Thursday November 16th)

6:12 AM PST Andy crosses the Finish Line First!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats to Robby, Andy and The whole Team way to go guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6:05 AM PST
Check Point 10 says Andy is thru and he’s headed for the finish line.

4:30 AM PST
Andy was thru Check Point 9 Race Mile 943.7 23 minutes behind was #97 BJ Baldwin.

2:21AM PST
Andy is the first car on the road with a 10 min lead, 1 hour ago he was at mile marker 801 .

1:15 AM PST
Andy McMillin is officially 3-4 hrs out from Check 10

11:17 PM PST
Spoke with Robby, Andy is in the truck now, they are first truck on the road.

9:50 PM PST
The truck is still moving, last time we heard he cleared Race Mile 605.

8:32 PM PST
Robby has passed thru Check Point 6 Race mile 553.6

7:59 PM PST
Latest news update! Robby stopped at Mile Marker 523 for a scheduled pit stop, he received 2 tires, Fuel, 2 Front Lights and 2 quarts of oil, along with a Co-Rider change, all of this was done in less than a minute. Way to go Team Gordon!! Robby was 9 minutes behind the leader Mark Post when he left the pit.

6:45 Pm EST
Robby has just cleared Mile Marker 445.

5:32 PM PST
Robby has just passed Check Point 5 Race Mile 377.2

4:30 PM PST
Robby has cleared Race Mile 330

4:06 PM PST
Robby has just passed thru Check Point 4 Race Mile 299.9

3:34 PM PST
Robby has just cleared Mile Marker 255, the Trophy Truck is running great!

2:52 PM PST
Robby has passed thru Check Point 3 Race Mile 215.5

2:17 PM PST
News just in, Robby stopped in San Felipe for the first scheduled pit stop. He received 2 tires and fuel; He was the 8th truck when he left the San Felipe pit. The pit crew reports that everything looked good! Gas On!

1:46 PM PST
Robby has passed thru Check Point 2 Race Mile 139

12:37 PM PST
Robby has passed thru Check Point 1 Race Mile 77.02

12:00 PM PST
Robby Gordon has passed thru Ojos Negros, running in the top ten.

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