Michigan – August 20, 2000

Brooklyn, MI – The second go-around at Michigan for Team Gordon. Qualifying didn’t pan out like it did the first race and Gordon had to take a provisional starting spot. In Gordon’s estimation as well as most of the team, the outlook was not good for the race as the car simply could not find the speed it needed to be competitive. But as the race unfolded, Gordon made it warlike with handling in the corners. He was unable to beat people on the straights, but through the corners he was able to pass three and four cars at a time. Over the course of a fuel stint, he repeatedly picked up positions simply because his tires weren’t wearing as much as the others around him. An unlikely top-15 finish was in sight. With 23 laps left in the race though, Gordon’s Ford got loose exiting turn four and he was sent into the wall. He retired with heavy damage and finished 34th.

Starting position – 43rd

Finishing position – 34th (contact)

Laps – 177/200


Photos ©F.Peirce Williams 2000

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