4/12/01 – Indy On My Mind


The last couple of weeks, I’ve had a ton of time to think. I miss racing. It sure doesn’t do justice to watch racing on TV, or even as a spectator.

After my departure from MMM, I went to Bristol to watch the race and qualifying. Last weekend, I was in Long Beach to watch the CART race and see some old friends. That hurt.

As the days click by, I’ve got Indy on my mind. I need to get back to business.

Indy has always been a special place for me. No matter what the circumstances have been for the last few years with the split between CART and the IRL, I have always been at Indy regardless of any political barriers between the series.

Visions of ’99 still flash through my mind. If only a yellow would have come out in the last 35 laps. What if we would have taken a splash of fuel on the last yellow flag instead of staying out. Would of, could of, should of, might of. It could have been, but wasn’t.

I’ve got good vibes about Indy for this year. Will I have a ride! You can bet the farm on it. I look forward to the increase in competitors showing up at Indy for this year.

Maybe I’ll get to bang wheels with Mikey again! Just kidding. You don’t want any wheel-bangin’ at Indy.

What’s on the horizon for R. Gordon? The Indy 500.

Any guesses as to who I’ll ride with?

Menard, Kelley, Walker, Foyt, Team Gordon, TKM, Galles?

I guess you just have to wait and see.

Talk to you next week.

– Robby




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