6/27/01 – Sears Point

MOORESVILLE, NC (June 27, 2001)— Robby Gordon proved in his first race back to Winston Cup that he is Top Gun. As Gordon took to the track at Sears Point Raceway, many referred to him as a hired gun, but the 32-year-old validated that Winston Cup is where he belongs. Since Sunday’s race with his second place finish, Gordon has been the talk of local and national media.

“The last couple of weeks have been a blast,” said Gordon. “Four weeks ago I was on the front row at Indianapolis, the next week I raced the Baja 500, and last weekend I got my all-time best finish in Winston Cup, while helping out my friend Jimmy Smith. Right now I’m in the desert testing my off-road truck, and in two weeks I’m off to Watkins Glen for Richard Childress where I’ll be teammates with Kevin Harvick. Interesting, huh? I’m having one of best times of my life. Obviously a win would have been nice, but the overwhelming fan appreciation has amazed me.”

Gordon is definitely the most diverse driver in the Winston Cup garage and his dedication to winning is more apparent now than ever. “I don’t want to come to Winston Cup just to race,” Gordon said, “I want to win! The most important thing for me right now is to get in good, competitive cars and showcase my ability and let the actions on the track speak for themselves.” Well, Gordon’s recent performances haven’t just spoken, they’ve screamed.

Robby Gordon is not shootin’ blanks, but rather he’s a man with a loaded gun.


A message from Robby:
“Hey everyone, sorry it has taken so long for the site to be updated. As you can see I’ve been racin’ around like a crazy man, and I now have a hands-on involvement with my web site postings. There have been a lot of changes here at Team Gordon, some of them being the separation of ties between one of my partners, Mike Held and also my PR guy Kinnon. They have decided to take on this crazy racin’ business on their own. I wish them luck. But anyway, I will be stopping by the site to update you on my recent whereabouts. I really do apologize if the site has been a little slow lately. As we get things a little more under control we’ll be updating regularly. Thanks for believing.”


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